Micheal A. McIntyre

9years All Star
Micheal A. McIntyre
Riding for Callen McDonnell
Cancer is the biggest killer of kids from disease in the USA, 38 children die every week. Please donate now and support my challenge to fight kids' cancer!
I've Ridden 999.9 mi to fight kids' cancer
My Rankings
  • National: 9th
  • State: 1st in PA
  • My Team: 1st
I've raised $21,834 to fight kids' cancer Donate Now

I'm Riding For

Callen McDonnell

Callen McDonnell

Callen was 4 days shy of his second birthday when he was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia (AML). Just as he finished his first round of chemo, there was more bad news. He also has CEBPA, with a gene mutation that will require a bone marrow transplant. His condition is rare, with not much known about it. The Great Cycle Challenge helps raise money for early stage research on these less common forms of cancer. I am riding so someday, kids like Callen, don't have to be hooked up to bunch of tubes to pump toxic chemicals into their bodies. Callen is being treated at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. The researchers at CHOP have been recipients of grants funded by the Great Cycle Challenge. Please support my riding for kids fighting cancer.

My Story

10 Oct 2023

This is my 9th year participating in the Great Cycle Challenge. First and foremost, I want to thank everyone who has supported me in the past. I hope you will continue that support and help me spread the word about this event.

I am fortunate that at 72 years of age, my health still allows me to cycle. I believe the activity helps to keep me feeling "young," at least young-enough to help true youngsters (kids), who's cancer may not allow them the privilege of living seven decades as I have.

While there have been tremendous progress in fighting pediatric cancer, it is still impacting the health of lives of too many kids.

So I am once again raising funds for the Children's Cancer Research Fund to help find a cure . The money you donate will allow them to continue their work in funding lifesaving research. Every dollar will bring us one step closer to helping another child beat this disease.

Your support does, and will, change little lives for the better - as I hope it does for Callen, the child I am riding for this year.

Thank you.

My Legacy

Here's my personal impact over 9 years to fight kids' cancer and save little lives.
  • 677 mi Ridden
    $625 Raised
  • 3,295 mi Ridden
    $1,876 Raised
  • 1,734 mi Ridden
    $5,206 Raised
  • 1,040 mi Ridden
    $6,565 Raised
  • 1,477 mi Ridden
    $9,272 Raised
  • 1,052 mi Ridden
    $12,564 Raised
  • 877 mi Ridden
    $23,295 Raised
  • 833 mi Ridden
    $25,647 Raised
  • 1,000 mi Ridden
    $21,834 Raised
11,985 mi

My Challenge

  • T-shirt drawing winners
    7 Nov 2023

    There were two ways to receive an "I Donated to Fight Kids' Cancer" t-shirt. The first was to donate $100 or more (or $50+ on Match Day). That made you immediately eligible. The other way was to win a drawing for one of five t-shirts being given away in that manner. To be in the drawing, you simply needed to make a donation of ANY amount. The 5 names selected in the drawing were: Deena Graf, AJ Seymour, Cindy Hartman, Ted Webber and Bill Pratt. Congratulations!

    T-shirt drawing winners
    Posted 24 days ago
  • New goal - make it to 9th place ($21,569)
    2 Nov 2023

    I raised my goal. If I meet it, I will be 9th among the more than 27,000 fundraisers pedaling in the Great Cycle Challenge. It would be the perfect ending to my “To the Nines” theme this year.

    New goal - make it to 9th place ($21,569)
    Posted 30 days ago
  • 74.0 mi ride - GCC - extra ride #9 - Friday, October 27, 2023
    Logged this ride 36 days ago
  • $20,000 raised to fight kids' cancer!

    I just hit $20,000 to fight kids' cancer! Thank you so much for your support.

    Posted 39 days ago
  • Diaper, Ice Cream and a little Hair
    23 Oct 2023

    How do you celebrate you are on your road to recovery? You pull off your shirt like a soccer player celebrating a goal, pull up your diaper and grab two ice cream cones!

    Diaper, Ice Cream and a little Hair
    Posted 39 days ago
  • 19.9 mi ride - GCC - extra ride #8 - Thursday, October 19, 2023
    Logged this ride 43 days ago
  • 21.9 mi ride - GCC - extra ride #7 - Tuesday, October 17, 2023
    Logged this ride 45 days ago
  • 19.9 mi ride - GCC - extra ride #6 - Monday, October 16, 2023
    Logged this ride 46 days ago
  • Spirit ride for the kids
    16 Oct 2023

    For the past three year's I have ridden with the "comfort" toy of the child for whom I was riding. 2021 Libby Kerr (Captain America), 2022 Wesley Jones (Puppy), 2023 Callen McDonnell (Lightning McQueen)

    Yesterday, I rode with all three. It was what I call a "Spirit" ride, where a set a special intention for their continued path to a healthy, long life and dedicate the merit of the ride to their parents who have had to see their child fight for their life.

    Spirit ride for the kids
    Posted 47 days ago
  • 30.9 mi ride - GCC - extra ride #5 - Sunday, October 15, 2023
    Logged this ride 47 days ago

My Sponsors

  • Kick Cancer's Butt Day matched donation
    “Here's your matched donation from a group of wonderful Children's Cancer Research Fund supporters. THANK YOU so much for your awesome efforts to kick cancer's butt!”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “WOW! Thank you SO MUCH for matching the donations my supporters made on Kick Cancer's Butt Day. Your generosity is truly appreciated.”
  • Ed Antoian
    Received this donation 112 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “I LOVE the 9's, Ed, and the very generous donation to the cause. We have been so fortunate that our kids and grandkids have not had to fight a battle with cancer. For those that have, I am sure they too express their gratitude for your support. (I hope your Jets will have a good season. The defense looks great.)”
  • Micheal A McIntyre
    “I offered to match donations, up to $999, made by supporters who had a "9" somewhere in the their donation amount. I did this to help kick off my fundraising for the 2023 Great Cycle Challenge. The significance of the "9" is that this is my 9th year riding in the event.”
    Received this donation 136 days ago
  • Victoria Sarlo
    “Thank you so much for honoring Callen for this challenge!! we are grateful for this amazing cause and everything it has done to help our son and every other kid cursed with this disease.”
    Received this donation 138 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “It is my honor to ride for Callen. He is such a cute, outgoing, loving kid. It is horrible he, and any other child, has to fight cancer, which is why I participate in this event. Kids should be living life, not fighting for it! Friends and family know I will dedicate my riding for a child and will suggest someone for me to champion - just as Olivia did for Callen this year. Unfortunately, each year there is always another child for whom I am asked to ride. Hopefully, with the funds raised by this and other pediatric research fundraising events, there will come the day when that will not be true. Thank you for raising funds for this event through your bracelet sales. Together we can make a difference!”
  • T-shirt Donation
    “I offered individuals who donated $100 or more, or who made a $50 or more donation on Match Day, a customized t-shirt as a thank you for their support. I also offered to donate the cost of the t-shirt, if they elected not to receive one. Quite a few of the donors eligible for a t-shirt selected the later option. Most said something along the lines of "I have too many t-shirts already. I would rather see the money go to the GCC." This donation is made in accordance with those wishes.”
    Received this donation 23 days ago
  • Clinton Lawson
    “Keep up the good work! Clint”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “It is so nice to see your support, Clint. That frat house we lived in more than 50 years ago is no longer standing, but many of the bonds and relationships remain. Thank you for the generous donation and try to stay cool. Texas has had a awfully hot summer. I so glad I don't need to ride in 100+ degree weather.”
  • Academy One, Inc.
    “We are proud of your continued commitment to helping kids beat cancer and are happy to support your efforts. Pedal on!”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
  • Anthony McIntyre
    “Mike proud of your efforts AJG will match .Ride on .”
    Received this donation 43 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Thanks for the support again this year, Anthony. And, I am very impressed that you were able to handle the matching gift process without involving Nan. One of these years perhaps you will join and ride in the Great Cycle Challenge too. We are very fortunate that our grandchildren have not had to battle cancer. So many others are not so lucky.”
  • David Moldoff
    “Good luck Mike!”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Dave, you set a very high bar in regard to “giving back” for the benefit of the greater good. I admire your philanthropic and service activities and am greatly appreciative of your generous donation.”
  • McDonalds, Doane Family Enterprises
    “Thank you for all you do, Mike!”
    Received this donation 40 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Your "giving back" to the communities where you do business in wonderful. I let all of my contacts know of your support and encourage them to patronize one of you locations. For me, that is the Wayne location for my daily stop, and the West Chester store after each of every-other-week platelets donation at the nearby Red Cross donation center, Thank you for the generous donation!”
  • sam kelly
    “You are an amazing inspiration!! Thank You!”
    Received this donation 80 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Thank you, Sam for the generous donation! I will be sure to include the Kapler's Pharmacy logo on the "thank you" jersey I have made for those that have supported my riding this year.”
  • Matching gift from the Arthur J Gallagher Foundation via YourCause on behalf of Anthony McIntyre
    Received this donation 35 days ago
  • Cheryl Plotts
    “Awesome job as always!”
    Received this donation 53 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Cheryl, your support is what is "awesome!" You have been a wonderful supporter of this cause and of my participation in the Great Cycle Challenge. Please accept this huge virtual hug. I hope you have been able to get some use our of your e-bike. I am seeing more and more of them when I ride...and I keep looking for you.”
  • Joyce Selke
    “And I've known you for 9 years!! You are an inspiration!!”
    Received this donation 137 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Joyce, for nine years you have supported this cause. Your ongoing support to help the kids is an inspiration to me and truly motivates me to continue to ride, even when I don't feel like it! THANK YOU.”
  • Michael Cuneo
    Received this donation 42 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Thank you Michael for your ongoing support of this cause. I hope I have a few more years of riding left in my legs. Donors like you keep me motivated to keep participating in the event. I know it might sound trite, but your donation is truly appreciated.”
  • Mary Lou Price
    “Go Mike Go!!! Love your continued enthusiasm and creativity in how you approach each years challenge!”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Your support over the years means a lot to me, ML, and is much appreciated. You are such a good hearted person. I was so fortunate to have you leading the Pittsburgh office. Those were good days that were made that way by your integrity and work ethic. THANK YOU!”
  • Nancy Glasgow
    “Cancer is a such terrible disease. Thank you for helping us find a cure. No one, let alone a child, should have to go through the experience of fighting it.”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Thank you Nancy for the donation. As a survivor, have been advocate for those with cancer for more than twenty years. I remember how devasted I was when Sue told me the news of your diagnosis. You are an example of how with the right treatments the fight against the disease can be won. So, I ride to raise funds for the research needed to find better treatments for pediatric cancers. Those kids have a lifetime in front of them!”
  • R.E. and J.M. Samples
    Received this donation 45 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Ron, it took a while for the CCRF to notify me of your donation to the Great Cycle Challenge. Thank you so much for supporting the cause. There are so many worthy charitable organizations that are dependent on the generosity of donors like you. Your decision to make a donation to help fight kids' cancer is much appreciated!”
  • Donald A. Nawrocki
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “They say "It takes a village." Maybe that adage could be adapted to "It takes a neighborhood." I so appreciate the support provided by neighbors! Thank you, Don and Dasha! I am sure it was with pride and a tug on your heartstrings, when you saw Lydia off to Georgetown. Your donation will hopefully someday allow children with cancer the opportunity to reach college age, and let their parents experience those same feelings as well.”
  • Richard Brant
    “Mike, your hard work and dedication is truly an inspiration for everyone.”
    Received this donation 79 days ago
    Micheal A. McIntyre
    “Thank you Dick and Mary Jane for the support. As you know, losing your daughter to cancer was a huge reason why I began to ride in this event. You did everything possible to save her life, yet there were no available treatments to prevent the cancer from returning. I ride and push myself "hard" so that other parents may not have to endure loss of child to this disease. And, Dick, thank you for accompanying me on me of rides during the Great Cycle Challenge. Riding everyday of the month is taxing. Your riding with me helps me to keep my legs moving.”
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